‘’When it comes to quality, we only offer the best.’’


Processing certified chicken breast caps into high-quality fillet product. Van Leeuwen Kipspecialiteiten is a family business that’s proud of its skilled staff who work with passion and precision every day to produce high quality products. The team is constantly working together to ensure quality and development is at the forefront.

Quality & Craftsmanship

Every single day, we work on maintaining as well as improving quality with pride, passion and pleasure. We continuously invest in innovation, research and training. Satisfied customers and employees, high quality and continuous development, that is what we stand for.

Our certifications


Van Leeuwen Kipspecialiteiten has been certified for BRC, QS and Halal, and meets all legal standards in the field of hygiene and food safety. Naturally, technical checks as well as internal and external audits take place regularly.

We only process certified chicken breast caps, primarily coming from the Netherlands, where these products have to meet high requirements. By testing samples in the laboratory, we are able to select the highest-quality products to process.


We take pride in offering our customers full traceability: from farm to fork. By using a unique batch code on the package, it is clear to us which path a product has travelled through our production process. As a result, this allows quick and effective response to any complaints and questions.





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