“Breast caps are processed the same day. Always fast, always fresh, always high quality.”



From 1500 kg per day in 1995 to now 300,000 kg fillet products weekly

Fast & Flexible

Chicken breast caps are processed the day they arrive. It guarantees our products to be fast, fresh, and of high quality. As Dutch breast caps are of consistently high quality, we primarily process these products, ensuring the best possible end products.


At Van Leeuwen Kipspecialiteiten Fresh chicken breast fillets are our core product, all processed and delivered order. Trimmed, with or without inner fillets, carefully filleted, sorted by size, and packed according to customers’ requirements. In addition, we also offer a full range of chicken products: cubes, strips, hare, supremes, thigh meat, wings, legs, drumsticks, and organs.


Customer needs are our priority. A wide variety in portion sizes and packages are available, ranging from lighter calibrated portions to heavier bulk package. Thanks to continuously monitored trim lines, graders, portioning machines, as well as packaging and shipping systems, our production process can be followed real time.


A range of packaging is available to suit the product and the customers needs. We provide packaging for retailers, large-scale consumers, and industrial customers. Products can be packed in bulk, vacuum, or modified atmosphere packing (MAP) into trays, fully aligned with each customer’s requirements.

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